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Hair Removal

If you tired with alternative treatments, Shaving & waxing then laser is the best option for you.Our latest technology laser machine normally treats unwanted hair within 4-6 sections. Average number of treatments depends on many factors including hair & skin type, rate of regrowth and system used. When we deal with an area all hair growth stages are targeted however most effective hair in the anagen (growth) stage can be treated efficaciously as that is where the hair is attached to the blood supply and is most likely to be destroyed. The hairs can be this stages at any one time. The range of hairs within the anagen stage at any one time varies from 10%-70% depending on the body site. Therefore, we would recommend 3-6 treatments with 4-8 weeks intervals for best results.

The range of hairs within the anagen section at any one time varies from 10%-70% relying at the body website. therefore, we would propose 3-6 treatments with 4-8 weeks duration for fine effects.


Acne consequences from a change within the manner in which keratin is laid down within the hair follicle, with the keratin becoming denser, and blocking the secretion of sebum. This produces a sterile inflammatory reaction, and a resultant plugging of the follicle inflicting a whitehead (closed comedone). Acne is likewise due to by the body’s production of hormone androgen (produced with the aid of both ladies and men), which stimulates the sebacous glands to produces additional oil. The increased production of oil reasons the pore to emerge as blocked therefore, that the oil cannot come up to the skin’s surface. The other thing acne is an infection because of skin bacterium propionbacterium acne, pacnes that feeds on and breaks down oil. As the bacteria multiplies, all waste products and sebaceous acid are created and irritate the sebaceous glands, which turns into inflamed causing a blackhead (open comedone), nodule or pimple. There are three different types of acne; Acne Vulgaris, Acne Conglobate and Acne Rosacea. Improves overall texture and tone for skin with LaserQs Clinic.


Pigmentation Therapy

Pigmentation is the treatment of skin that has an uneven skin tone due to sun spots, age spots and hyperpigmentation. This treatment fades and eliminates the excess pigmentation restoring the skin to an uneven clearer tone. This treatment will also refresh the complexion in addition to giving a collagen boost within the skin.

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Thread Vein Removal

Thread veins are very tiny blood vessels that run close to the surface of the skin and appear like fine red, or sometimes purple, wiggly lines. They are also called ‘broken veins’ or ‘spider veins ‘, though the veins are not infact broken however, only slightly enlarged and the medical term for them is telangiectasia.

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